Empire Minecraft has the unique ability to turn animals and villagers into eggs. These eggs can be held in your inventory, placed in chests, and sold in shops. The eggs can then be turned back into the creature whenever you want. Eggification can only be used in towns when the user has a build flag for the residence they are in. Eggs will spawn NPC characters when placed.Bar eggs


It is free to eggify in the Town worlds. There is a 100 rupees per eggification fee for other worlds (nether or wild) called a hunting fee. You can also buy all the eggs in the official Empire Shop on each server, or from POH's (Player owned houses)


Example of mob to eggify


Egg in inventory after right clicking on the mob.

Turning a Creature into an EggEdit

All you have to do is RIGHT click the target with a stick . It will disappear and an egg of the same kind will appear in your inventory . If you are outside of the Town world you will be charged 100 rupeesfor this process.

Spawning a Creature from an Egg Hold the egg in your hand and right click on the ground, that's all there is to it!


  • On a residence, you will need the "build" flag to eggify and/or use an egg spawner (Not including regular chicken eggs) to spawn an animal there.
  • You cannot eggify hostile mobs.
  • Eggification cannot be done in protected zones of the wilderness and nether.


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